virtualscape at tadu contemporary art
Tadu Thaiyarnyon Contemporary Art, Bangkok
14-31 Oct, 2015

Exhibition: Virtualscape
Date: Octoer 14-31, 2015
Time: 10.00AM – 8.00PM
Location: Tadu Thaiyarnyon Contemporary Art
Installation: shadowplaysmall worldalpha circular motionwoodlandbit.boxbit.playgroundlong rak pid thong

What would you do if reality was not what it seems to be?

Virtual reality technology creates entirely new worlds; be it a world with nothingness, a vast underwater world or even an ancient world from the far past. It deceives our senses, tricking us into believing an existence of the non-existing. It implores us to question about the boundary between dream and reality.

“Virtualscape” has been created to broaden out this concept. In the exhibition, you will be able to immerse yourself within different “realities”. Each reality will invite you to be a part of it, interact with it and create connections between you and the reality.