AR Jutsu

AR Jutsu brings you to the Shinobi World and allows you to play with different jutsus in AR. Choose your favourite jutsu and bring it to live!


Rasengan is a spinning ball of chakra that can be held by the user. With its power, it can burst away a solid wall or an opponent.

This jutsu is achieved by detecting the hand region and placing the spinning ball in the center of the palm. The ball always remains at the center of the hand as it is tracked by the real-time hand tracking algorithm.

Swirls are triggered when the hand collides with a wall. This is done by using plane detection to determine all the available planes in the scene. Once the hand is close to any vertical plane enough, a custom swirl shader is applied on that particular mesh.

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu allows the user to summon an animal to their location. To summon, the user has to place a hand on the ground and channel chakra to that hand.

Here too, the hand and plane detections are used. A summoning seal appears in the scene once the user’s hand collides with a plane, followed by a smoke effect and finally the 3D model of the summoned animal, in this case, a nine-tailed fox.

Before the AR Jutsu, people had to rely on computer graphics or video editing to achieve a real-life jutsu. Creating a context-aware AR app by combining AR with Machine Learning opens up new aspects to blend reality with the fictional world.

Now, since we’ve already handled the complicated parts, the fans just need to add their creativity to bring their beloved Naruto’s universe to life, in real-time. No post-production required.