53W53 Sales Gallery App

Collaborated with Pentagram, we developed an app for the sales gallery of the 53W53 condominium.

The app is operated by salesperson at the residence gallery. The app searches for rooms that match customer criteria such as price, number of bedrooms and room size. The floorplan of the apartment rooms can be explored in great detail using touch gestures.

Customers can also compare any two floor plans or view photos taken from each floor in panoramic view. The app also display details such as condominium amenities, landmarks around the place and the designers’ other works. Customers can mark any rooms as interested and the app will send details to their email, so that they can explore the rooms at their leisure.

There are two versions of the app, the PC version and the iPad version. The PC version is installed on an on-site PC and operates on a touch screen and a 4K video wall, allowing great details to be explored on the grandiose screen. The iPad version, on the other hand, lets the salesperson approach more customers at the sales gallery, while allowing full information to be viewed with great comfort. We optimized the experience so that both versions of the application runs smoothly and able to display similar information despite having limited computational power.

Sales Gallery