GA-SAAP Coin Museum

The word “museum” somewhat promises a great deal of information in the form of text and intangible objects in display cabinets. Making the exhibition interesting, fun and reachable, yet educational, is our goal of this project commissioned by Coin Museum Treasury Department Thailand. The premise was to exhibit history and evolution of Thai coins through audience’s interaction so that they can comprehend it firsthand.

Regarding the user experience and design, the installation should be intuitive enough for the international visitors of all age. The visitors simply hold a brochure in front of the relief coin they interest, and the motion graphics will be displayed on the brochure. 2D motion graphics are used as the media to demonstrate the social condition in that time where such coin was in used.

In the technical aspect, a C++ programming framework named Cinder is used as our foundation with 2 Kinects as depth sensors and 2 projectors as displays. The depth images from sensors are calibrated and processed with OpenCV to align the depth images and content graphics, so that the projectors display the graphics correctly on the brochure.

On one side, coin represent its nation wealth, yet the other side lies the stories and history of its owner. The evolution and social condition were animated interactively on the visitors hand for innovative way of learning in the museum.

Giant Projected Coins Tell the Stories Behind Thai Currency

Coin Museum
Interactive Installation
Projection Mapping