Join the Ultimate UEFA Champions League Experience with Heineken Korea's "LaundroMatch" Campaign!

Imagine this: you're a die-hard UEFA Champions League fan in South Korea. The time? 3 AM. The game? Absolutely unmissable. The problem? Every bar is closed, and your place might not be the ideal place to celebrate. Enter Heineken Korea's "LaundroMatch" campaign, where proudly provided a tech solution to bring the campaign's goal to life.

In collaboration with LePub Singapore, Heineken transformed laundromats into sports bars. Fans could catch the games with fellow enthusiasts, fueled by their shared passion for the beautiful game. But the magic wasn't just in the atmosphere. At, we built the LaundroMatch web application, the invisible backbone that made the entire campaign scalable and efficient.

Campaign promotional video

The process was super simple. Fans scanned a QR code at the laundromat, checked in via their location, and filled out a quick form. Boom! A unique promo code landed in their email, granting them a free 1-month subscription to a streaming service, ready to stream the Champions League glory.

The campaign was a huge hit! Hardcore fans flocked to the event venue in Seoul (April 10th-11th) and to 22 other participating laundromats across South Korea. The action continued until June 1st, 2024. Your next washing machine might just be your new favorite sports bar!

Heineken Korea
LePub Singapore
April 2024
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