Introducing NESCAFÉ Snap Joy Smiley Moment, a new creative way to share your moment of joy to your friends & family. In collaboration with Google and Publicis.

We created an AI-powered web application that measures your joy level and gathers real-time data to generate a personalized video just for you.

Example of the output video

Users simply enter the site, and snap or select your joy moment photo. Then the web app will turn that input photo into an output video that customizes every single element based on your joy level and real-time data; location, weather condition, temperature, and time.

Concept of SnapJoy & factors of joy

Measuring the joy level of the input photo is a core feature of SnapJoy. Regarding the concept of this project, the more people & more smiles counted, the higher the joy level!To achieve this concept, we utilize AI/ML to detect the number of human faces in a photo, and count the number of smiles on those faces. Then we use this data to measure the level of joy following the rule of joy. There are 3 levels of happiness - ‘Enjoy’, ‘Happy’, and ‘Happiest’. Each level has its own video template.

Not only has the joy level been a factor of happiness, we also include user’s real-time data. Basic data like user’s locations, time, weather conditions & temperature at that place and time has been used too. Each data has been translated into an art element for the output video.

Art elements for location

Regarding the creative & design perspective, an ML model; human segmentation, has been used to separate people from the background of the input photo. We also position the segmented input photo in the center of the video frame by our customized algorithm using CV techniques.

Customized CV algorithm used for cropping and positioning user’s input photo

Finally, our web app composes video template (from joy level), art elements (from real-time data), and segmented input photo (from user) into a unique output video. More than 9,120 possibilities are generated. All art elements are deliberately designed by renowned Thai artist, NEWYEAR. Moreover, this web app runs all processes on the Cloud to make it easy to scale. 

So let’s create a truly special joy moment with NESCAFÉ SnapJoy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own your SnapJoy moment, and share a unique and memorable experience with those you love.

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