PLAY ME with ME by TMB

PLAY ME is an interactive installation simply explain how the core feature, Balance Sweep, works. Since the feature itself is quite complicated to understand, we design a way to explain it in a simple and magical way.

To begin with, in every month user generates income on ME MOVE account. With Balance Sweep, the feature will automatically transfer the remaining amount to ME SAVE account and allow user to receive an exceptional rate of interest. The user will be amazed with the amount saved on their account!

PLAY ME is designed based on user’s behavior. There are 3 actions to play; First, generate your own income with Earning box by just spinning the handle. The more you spin, the more you earn! Second, save more money with Balance sweep feature. Customize your savings amount by interacting with the touch screen in front of you. Third, see your return. By opening the safe box, you will see how much more you can save with ME!

The Leo Burnett Group Thailand
Interactive Installation