Sangsom Interactive VR

Sangsom, the iconic Thai beverage brand, would like to provide an extraordinary fun VR experience for its customers across the cities.

Sangsom teamed up with and created Sangsom Interactive VR, an interactive logo-hunting game on the Oculus Quest. Inspired by Sangsom’s theme of the year – ‘Moon on the Bay’, the game brings players to the camp on the Sangsom moon.

The game is designed to provide a first-person view, making users feel like they were an astronaut. So when the users put on their VR glasses they would quickly and intuitively ready for the game. Unreal Engine 5 was used to develop the game. All 3D elements in the scene were designed and optimized to make the most seamless and immersive experience for users.

Alike the rules of the original logo-hunting game, users have 60 seconds to search for three Sangsom logos. Once they spot one, aim at it for 3 seconds to earn a point.

UX Design
UI Design