Scroobly in collaboration with Google, developed a web app that lets ANYONE turn their doodles to life – no coding or design skills required.

Animating characters may not be a task for everyone. Scroobly aims to make it easier by being a fun and easy tool to create animations in real-time with your camera.

Scroobly is designed to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Just a device with a camera and you are good to go. No additional app is required since our web app can be accessed via your default browser.

Just follow these 3 steps:

First, choose a shape and start scribbling. Second, make it move using your body and the doodles will mirror your moves in real-time. Last, record and save. Now your animation is ready to be shared!

Scroobly is fully powered by TensorFlow.js. We implemented Facemesh and PoseNet Machine Learning models to detect the key points of your face and body. Then the system will translate those key points into motion and map that motion to the character. We optimized the model to make all these processes run simultaneously as you move. So, you can see how characters are animated in real-time.

Scroobly is an AI experiment featured on Experiments with Google, visit the blog to see more about the project:

If you want to try it yourself

Scrooble a doodle and bring it to life!

Web App