Shadow Art at Google I/O 2019

"Shadow Art" is an AI-powered interactive installation designed and developed by, which has been exhibited in various cities around the world, including Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and Mumbai. Together with Google, we diligently developed it for Google I/O in Mountain View from May 7 to 9, 2019.

The installations use AI and TensorFlow to create magical experiences transforming users’ hand shadows into digital characters and creatures in interactive shows. Shadow Art is inspired by tradition and powered by AI.

These installations allow people to use their hands to create a shadow and morphing the shadow into a different character based on the shape of the shadow. Once the character has been created, they can enjoy watching how the characters interact with each other on stage and change the way the shadow play narrative evolves.

Shadow Art at Google I/O 2019Shadow Art at Google I/O 2019Shadow Art at Google I/O 2019Shadow Art at Google I/O 2019
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