Shadow Art with Google

We proudly present our first project as a Google Partner.

Shadow Art (formerly called Shadowplay) was born as a set of interactive installations exhibited at various places around the world. The project then got so popular that we together with Google team diligently developed it for the web as a Google A.I. Experiment for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s have fun learning how to make hand shadows for each animal and seeing them come alive! Do you know how to make a dog shadow with your hand? What about a pig, a goat, a dragon?

Today we introduce the latest version of Shadow Art, a web-based app that celebrates Lunar New Year through the story of 12 Chinese zodiacs.

Try our app and see if you can make all 12 with our A.I. judge. (We have hand outlines to guide you, don’t worry!) Our A.I. is extensively trained so that it can determine if your hand matches the outlines of each animal.

Try our app by following this link:

[Supported browsers: Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android), Safari (iOS)] This app requires a webcam so please make sure you have one.

Update: Shadow Art is now hosted at Google Experiments!

Google A.I. Experiment