The Eternal Bloom

Experience the captivating beauty and enduring power of the red camellia through "The Eternal Bloom" interactive masterpiece.

“The Eternal Bloom” stands as a captivating creation, meticulously crafted for a prestigious global beauty brand. Its mission: to weave the enchanting story of an iconic skincare collection. This interactive experience graced a 4-day event in the exotic locale of Phuket, Thailand, attracting esteemed guests from across the expansive Asia-Pacific region.

As guests step into the immersive space, their gaze will be immediately drawn to the resplendent red camellia, proudly presiding at the room's heart. As they walk near the screen and perform gentle gestures, the red camellia petals respond by unfurling and blossoming in real-time. The installation's ingenious design revolves around a colossal LED P2.9 wall, seamlessly integrated with two parallel mirrors, conjuring an infinite tapestry of perpetual blooms.

Experimentation and development

Examples of art elements of The Eternal Bloom

A-Curated Alternative
July 2023
Interactive Installation