The Moment of Truth

“The Moment of Truth” is an interactive installation specifically developed for COTTO in Milan Design Week 2014. The event was held in Superstudio, one of the most popular locations that week.

In this installation, we encouraged people to meditate in the meditation chamber located at the back of the room. Once they cleared their minds and relaxed their bodies, the light sphere (which represents their soul and enlightenment) would appear and continue to grow larger until they moved or lost focus. The light sphere also draws from other nearby particles to orbit around it.

At the front of the room, a Kinect was used to detect user movement, which generated the particles into the particle flow. If you look closely at the wall, you can actually see the particle flows. If there is no interference from users, the particles in the flow will form the Marmo Granito, Cotto’s masterpiece tile.

Interactive Installation