The Encyclopedia of Feelings

Express your feelings through facial expressions and match them with Florence Pugh.

The Encyclopedia of Feelings showcases five key emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Amazement, and Surprise – allowing users to explore their emotions in a whole new light.

The Encyclopedia of Feelings is an integral part of Valentino’s Fall 2O23 Campaign

To embark on this journey, simply visit our web app, grant camera access, and begin expressing yourself. Our AI-powered web app will instantly analyze your facial expressions in real-time, categorizing them into one of the five emotions.

You can capture your authentic feelings, and our web app will assess the percentage of closeness to each emotion, providing fascinating insight into your state of mind. Finally, it will turn the captured expression into a shareable image.

At the core of this experience lies the power of AI. We leveraged MediaPipe and TensorFlow Lite to deploy the FaceMesh model and the Blendshapes model, enabling precise detection and classification of users’ emotions. When you capture a photo expressing your feelings, our web app employs MediaPipe’s FaceMesh model to detect facial keypoints, which are then utilized by the Blendshapes model to determine the corresponding blendshape values. We then use these values to find the closest facial expression in the vector space, resulting in an accurate representation of your emotions.

The Encyclopedia of Feelings is an integral part of Valentino’s Fall 2O23 Campaign, featuring their latest DI.VA., Florence Pugh, and adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall experience.

We invite you to launch this extraordinary digital journey at Immerse yourself in the realm of feelings, where technology and fashion converge seamlessly.
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